Coronavirus - COVID-19

Infection Control

These are precarious times and vulnerable adults and their circle of support have a lot of anxiety around how their loved ones will be cared for. Coastal Supported Living have robust Infection Control processes in place to help manage the risks associated to COVID-19.

As with all our routine Care and Support plans, each person we support will have their own assessment to determine their individual risk and put together a plan to support them in a way that’s personalised and safe for them and their staff team. 

Risk Management

How do we Manage the Risk?

Our policies and procedures around COVID-19 are continually reviews and updated by the nationally recognised QCF (Quality Compliance Systems). 

We also receive notifications from Public Health England and HSE Health and Safety Executive. 

When new measures are introduced  by the government for COVID-19, we ensure those measures are being followed in our supported living homes.

To ensure our homes are cleaned to the highest possible standard, we clean all contact points and frequently touched surfaces daily. 

To keep the people we support safe, staff use; gloves, aprons, eye protections, face masks and face shields.  

We work closely with our training provider Grey Matter Learning to ensure our staff are trained to highest standard with infection control. This is regularly monitored and reviewed to ensure staff are compliant at this crucial time. 

We create a personalised support plans and risk assessments to assist service users with their specific requirements around COVID-19, this includes emotional and physical support. 

Our easy to use COVID-19  visitor tracker enables us to monitor, record and track all visitors that enter our properties.  Visitors simply scan the Barcode and complete the questionnaire.

Our staff are trained to use the best processes and practices to tackle infection control and this is reflected in everything they do. 




Our staff make regular temperature check logs for themselves and the people they support.

They also monitor and review the health and wellbeing of the people they support. 


If you would like to discuss our Infection Control Policies, Procedures and Practices further, please do not hesitate to contact a member of the team.