Who We Are

About Us

We Are Experts at What We Do

Our Teams

  • We have an experienced, Health and Social Care qualified, Registered Manager that oversees all of our locations.
  • We also have experienced, Health and Social Care qualified, Team Leaders that manage each location and the staff that work there.
  • All our staff undergo a rigorous recruitment, training and induction process to ensure they are the absolute best at what they do.
  • Our Service User's interview and choose their own staff to ensure they are suited and well matched to our services.
  • All our staff have access to the most up to date, secure, technology for efficient and thorough record keeping.
  • Our staff are taught to practice and implement Coastal Supported Living's vision, person centred practices and promoting independence. are at the forefront of everything they do.
We Are Different

What Makes Us Different

  • We understand that everyone is unique and this is reflected in everything we do
  • We understand the variation of different needs and the complexity of independent living with support
  • We have the facilities and the ability to adapt and build specialised, bespoke environments for people who are struggling to find a home that suits their specific needs
  • Feedback is very important to us, so we involve everyone that associates with Coastal Supported Living to have their say so we can continuously improve our service
  • We ensure our staff are trained to the highest possible standard, including specialised, person centred training that benefits our Service Users and their specific needs
  • We are constantly reviewing and improving practices to ensure we provide a good quality service
  • We have the most up to date technology to help manage all aspects of a persons support
  • We don’t just support individuals, we support couples, families and close friends to live together in a safe and secure home with the personalised support they need
Our Registered Manager

Samantha Reeder

My passion in life is to create a service that enables people who require support to live independently and achieve their ultimate goals and aspirations in life. 

We have a ‘Can Do Attitude’ here at Coastal Supported Living and we pride ourselves on being person-led. We provide beautiful, safe, comfortable homes that are staffed with reliable and trusted people. 
At Coastal Supported Living, we also know how hard it can be to find person-centred holidays for adults with Learning Disabilities, Autism and Mental Health. As part of our vision to make dreams come true, we will soon be offering a service that provides disability adapted accommodation by the coast. Part of this package includes a highly qualified representative in Health and Social Care helping to plan bespoke trips for all those unique activities and attractions that are special to an individual. Located in sunny Southend and close to the London Attractions, we are the perfect provider to help with these needs. 
I have years of professional experience as a manager in Health and Social Care and I also have a lifetime of personal experience in this area. I am devoted to making a positive difference to people’s lives. 

To learn more about us, please email me directly – Samantha.reeder@coastal-housing.co.uk 

What We Do

The Aims Of Our Service

Coastal Supported Living’s  approach is evidenced based, anti-stigma and non- discriminatory; which focuses on good health, self-management, maintaining and building new meaningful relationships, and supporting individuals to achieve their desired outcomes in life.  At Coastal Supported Living  we believe that all people on an improved independence pathway, should be equipped to acquire the skills to live independently.

  • Prevent multiple placement breakdowns.
  • Promote meaningful and fulfilling independence.
  • Promote choice and control for people whose independence has previously been impacted due to disabilities. 
  • To promote learning, re-establish and develop new skills that will enable individuals  to get the most of their abilities and potential.
  • To promote health and wellbeing.
  • To offer individuals practical support and personal care that will enable them to remain safe and secure in their homes.
  • Work with partnership agencies to combine a broad range of experience and expertise to benefit our Service Users
  • To ensure that individuals  have choice and control over their own lives through supported decision making and access to advocacy support or an interpreter where necessary.
  • To support individuals  regarding their budget and money management. 
  • To promote social inclusion which enables people to participate actively in the community.