Choose The Right Home

Referrals and Admissions 

Many of our placements are driven by families who want a personalised service for their loved ones. They want their family member to feel valued, be safe and have a great quality of life so they can thrive.

The starting point for any placement is Social Services or the Health Authority who make a referral to us and then we conduct a no cost initial assessment.

Our comprehensive assessment ensures we understand the individual’s needs and aspirations so we can identify what is important to them. 

The process involves meeting with the person’s entire circle of support; family, carers, school, active healthcare professionals and any other important people in the individual’s life.

Where we can meet an individual’s specific needs, together we look at identify an appropriate home and match the person to potential new housemates.

Our team work closely with the individual and their families to ensure a seamless and successful referral, assessment and transition into one of our Homes.


Referrals can be made by a social worker, care manager or the individual’s carers. The individual will have a care manager who acts on their behalf and must be consulted before an assessment can take place. We assess their personality, skills, abilities, what’s important to them, what their goals are, where they want to live and their overall support needs.


The assessment looks at the whole person to determine if our homes are suitable for them and they will be able to achieve the most positive outcomes. We assess their personality, skills, abilities, what’s important to them, what are their goals, where they want to live and their overall needs to support them to become independent,  happy and live fulfilling lives. 



We encourage the care manager and family to visit our homes once the assessment has been completed so they can meet our care team and see our service for themselves. Commissioners will ask for three separate assessments to compare suitability and value. When the placement is agreed by the care manager, individual and family.


A Smooth Transition Plan 

Once funding is agreed and placement is confirmed, our specialist team work closely with the service manager, family and anyone else that is involved in the individuals care to ensure that the transitional process is well-planned and managed, our specialist team will ensure that the transition is a smooth as possible.

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