What Constitutes as a Safeguarding

In order to fully understand safeguarding and the role it plays, it is important to know what constitutes as abuse.


Abuse can be verbal, physical, sexual, emotional, financial or even neglectful, it can lead to the victim being hurt, upset, frightened or manipulated into doing something they know is wrong or do not want to do. If a vulnerable person is subjected to abuse, they may find it hard to report the matter.


An adult at risk is defined as someone who has a need for care and support, and is experiencing, or at risk of, abuse or neglect and is unable to protect themselves. 

What can Abuse and Harm Look Like

As a support worker, it may be be thought of as abuse or neglect if you cause harm to someone or do not do anything to prevent harm, like;

  • Ignoring someone’s physical, communicative and emotional needs
  • Failing to provide access to appropriate health care services for medical needs
  • Not providing basic necessities like; clean clothes, food, medication, showers, continence care, heat, lighting oral care, or safe living area, to name a few.

It is important that you know the ways of working to safeguard adults in our workplace. Our policies and procedures tell you how to meet the fundamental standards of quality and safety.

What If you Witness or Suspect Abuse 

If you witness or suspect abuse please contact your house manager and/or registered manager immediately, but if someone is in immediate danger please call the Police or Ambulance on 999.

Preventative measures and risk assessments will be put place to ensure everyone’s safety. The house manager and registered manager will liaise with the local safeguarding team and CQC.

If you still have concerns regarding an individual you can contact The Care Quality Commission directly on 0300 06161 61.