Your Way 

To Have A Say

We welcome all feedback from individuals affiliated to our service as it helps us to improve. 

Compliments, Suggestions and Complaints are all equally as important as they help us to understand what we are doing well, enhance our service, as well as identifying area’s that require improvement. 

What is a …


A compliment is when you let us know when our staff, service or practices have exceeded your expectations. 

We ensure all compliments are relayed to the people that have really made a difference to you.



A suggestion is, any comment or recommendation that will help us   to shape or improve our service.

We welcome all comments that may enhance our service and the way we work.



You can make a complaint If you are concerned or dissatisfied.

Or you can make a complaint is we have done something you do not agree with or we if we have not met your expectations. 


If you would like to make a Compliment, Suggestion or Complaint – 

Download our Compliment, Suggestion and Complaints form.

Complete your entry, then attach and send to our email address – 

You can also send it to our Postal Address, which can be found on the form.

We look forward to hearing from you